Helping turn the power on for 1.2 billion people

We’re an independent and not-for-profit industry association, with the mission to globally scale the off-grid lighting and energy solutions sector. 

Helping turn the power on for 1.2 billion people


Poor households saved $3.4 billion with rapid uptake of solar lighting

New GOGLA-IFC Report: Over 4 Million Off-Grid Branded And Quality Verified Products Sold In Second Half Of 2015, Positive Growth Continues

GOGLA Annual Member Conference 2016: Nairobi, Kenya, May 24-27


24 May

GOGLA Annual General Meeting (registration closed)

30 May

International Seminar - Financing Rural Electrification in Africa

01 Jun

Clean Energy Ministerial 7 (CEM7)

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RT : "In Africa the number unelectrified is going up, but the people in this room can bend that curve." R. Sturm
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Last session of presented by Lighting Global
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" African&South Asian Boom Saves Poor Households $3.4bn" via
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